Building the future.

Building the future.


As a young company, we specialize in the development of construction robotics. The development of our masonry robot ‘PAX’ started more than two years ago, with the main motivation being that the classic Dutch facade is being built less and less. Due to labor shortages and stricter sustainability requirements, alternatives to traditional masonry are becoming increasingly attractive. However, the traditional facade image is inherently linked to the DNA of Dutch construction and we would like to keep it that way. So it’s time for us to take action.

Our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market have made it possible to develop a product that takes over the mason’s work outside on the construction site. ‘PAX’ builds more durable, cheaper and 3 times faster than the human hand. In this way, innovation helps us to maintain tradition and so we are literally building the future of the construction industry.

Labor shortage

The construction sector is struggling with a labor shortage, with all its consequences. Solving this problem would have a huge positive impact on construction and ultimately the housing market.


Time is money and we are well aware of that. Quite a lot of buildings have to be built in the coming years, so the more efficient this can be, the better. With ROPAX you can build faster and cheaper.


Construction must become more sustainable, that much is clear. We think there's nothing better than being a big part of this process. By robotizing the masonry, we achieve a CO2 and nitrogen reduction of 40%, which makes masonry considerably more sustainable.

The Netherlands' first masonry robot for outside construction.

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